Hi, I’m Garlene, thanks for dropping by my site! A native Virginian, I’ve been married to my soulmate Kent since 1988. We’ve gone wherever the Army sent us for 24 years, and are thrilled to be back home nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is nowhere else on Earth we’d rather be! We are blessed to have 3 outstanding “children,” now young adults, and one precious daughter-in-law (of course I’m not biased at all!). Our family is completed with 4 dogs Rocket, Gus, LuLu, Pebbles and 2 cats, Mochi & Millie. They love the freedom of mountain living!

The pace of country living and people of rural Virginia make it home. Nothing compares to leaving the rush of our nearby crowded cities and highways and taking a slow drive through the countryside to our mountain home. Perhaps it’s a Southern thing that we enjoy the more simple times, like a tall, cold glass of sweet tea or lemonade and just sitting on the porch at the end of a long day enjoying a gorgeous sunset. The areas I serve most include the counties of Madison, Orange, and Culpeper, Virginia.

Having been a full-time Realtor since 2001, I love helping buyers and sellers fulfill their Real Estate dreams. My goal is to guide each client through the Real Estate maze as a personal, professional guide, negotiator, advisor and coordinator from market analysis to closing, I am your agent throughout the entire transaction. As your professional Realtor® I’m committed to representing you with absolute integrity. I will always treat you as I would want to be treated should our roles be reversed.

Please contact me anytime with your questions and interests, or just to chat about your Real Estate desires. I’d love to hear about your goals and share with you more about the advantages we offer as one of America’s oldest, most trusted, and internationally recognized, Real Estate firms, Coldwell Banker!



samtheuropa10 “Mrs. Daniel helped me sell my home approximately 2.5 years ago. This was in the mist of the recession. She was very professional, encouraging, offered great tips to improve and show my home. I felt she took great personal pride and interest in selling my home. When it came time to negotiate with the buyer, Mrs. Daniel was fair and thoughtful about the process. I had listed my home previously with two other Realtors, one was a broker. Neither seemed to have the luck to get the right persons in my home to sell it. By the way, I do not believe in luck. Luck is when opportunity and preparation meet. This describes Mrs. Daniel’s style. She creates opportunity and applies her skills. I highly recommend Mrs. Daniel. She is intelligent, trustworthy, caring, and very competent in her work. I would not hesitate to use Mrs. Daniel again if the opportunity arose. Sincerely, Samantha J. R.”

bushplumbing “We would recommend Garlene to anyone. She was the most dependable, knowledgeable and genuine realtor we have ever used. She always followed up (quickly) on any concerns we had, and she was honest – even if it meant she would not get the sale. Her service is above and beyond.”

Dan_C “Garlene informed us, provided us choices and arranged a showing for properties we were really interested in but the real value came after we made our offer. Having a good person in your corner for recommendations on Appraisals, someone to keep you informed of seller issues and a person unafraid to pick up the phone and talk to you made Garlene worth every penny. We’ve recommended her a dozen times already and would be happy to do so again.”
Removalsbybkf “Not only is did Garlene help find our house, she also found a house for my mother in law. Garlene is the only agent we will use. Her patience is perfect. Her personality is perfect. Garlene helped way above and beyond her areas by also helping us find the best location to start our business up. We think she is flawless!!!!!!”

k.schrader “Garlene was referred to us through our agent in New Jersey. She went out her way to show us many homes until we found just the right home for us”

kellyb “Garlene was wonderful to work with – she guided me through the process and was able to answer all questions I had. She also worked well with the agents for the seller, which made the transaction run smoother.”

SuzH “Garlene was wonderful! We would recommend her to anyone wishing to sell their home. She was honest, hard working, and took care of us like we were family. She truly went above and beyond to help us sell our home! If you want someone that will listen, and take care of your interests, call Garlene for she will take care of you! We are a retired military family. When we decided to sell our home and move back to our hometown, Garlene knew it was a big step for us. She knew how much we loved our home. She guided us honestly and with integrity, every step of the way. Thank you Garlene for your professionalism and friendship!”

jannicer22 “Garlene was such a pleasure to work with. My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and she helped us every step of the way. She constantly kept us informed as we were going through the process of purchasing our home, and was willing to answer any questions we had. She’s very caring, knowledgeable, and good at her job. I would recommend her to anyone, especially first-time home buyers.”

CERwhit “It’s been a pleasure to have had Garlene come alongside the need to relocate into a phase of life that requires finding the right arrangement for aging concerns. Garlene’s wherewithal of neighborhoods, communities, builders, regulations and amenities have been a tremendous asset during this process. In addition, her personal interest to make the puzzle pieces fit together in a manner that is tailored to becoming integrated into new surroundings has been with a warmth & welcomeness that has surpassed the typical realtor’s motivation to make a sell. Thank you, Garlene, for your patience to stick-it-out during this transitional time of life. Semper Fi, Chris”

Ktyler “As a mortgage lender, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Garlene over the past several years. Not only does she possess stellar professionalism, you will find that she has total commitment to each of her client’s needs. I don’t know of any client who hasn’t become a friend of hers. She will make your interests and needs her utmost mission.”

BrandiA “My husband and I have recently had the privilege to have Garlene as our realtor in our search for our first house. She was extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of our search and ultimately finding our first home! Garlene went above and beyond in assisting us in everything and was willing to adjust her schedule to fit ours. Moving to a new state, changing jobs and finding our first home all with a 1 year old was a challenge, but Garlene made the transition MUCH easier. I would recommend anyone to her in their house search or sale. She is wonderful!”

melindalhr “While looking for a home to buy Garlene, was the best thing to ever happen to me. I had just begun my search for a home and fell ill. During this period of time I came close to loss of life. Because of my being ill in and out of the hospital, it took me three years to find a home. Garlene, stuck right with me in that three year search. Garlene, was always quick to send listings in my price range. She and I would jump in the car and go county to county on my search. I found an awesome home with her help. Garlene, will always go the extra mile for her clients.”

Kendra “I had the wonderful privilege of knowing Garlene as a Real Estate Professional as we worked with mutual clients together (I in the Title Biz). She is always up to date with the ever changing Mortgage and Real Estate Roller Coaster so she can keep her clients informed and educated. So, when my hubby and I were ready to put our home up for sale as well as look for another home, I did not hesitate to seek her services and expertise. She overwhelmed me with her professionalism on a whole new realm – She was in constant communication with me, connected me to some one who was available in my area of choice and then made a follow up to make sure I was properly taken care of-WOW Garlene, You ROCK!!”

dr.cianci “Garlene was absolutely amazing, she was very thorough while searching for our house, and really listened to our needs. She even helped me after we moved to the area with helping me find activities for our kids and gave me a list of doctors in the area. Whenever I had a question she would respond promptly, usually within 15 minutes of any email, no matter the time or day of the week. I highly recommend Garlene.”

LindaG. “I must say that we still talk about the quality of service you provided to us when we bought our home in 2004. No one else can light a candle to you!”

AndyH(retLTC) “Garlene is by far the finest agent we have ever dealt with.”

Jerry&Cynthia “Garlene was our Realtor and provided invaluable assistance in the purchase of a home in Orange County Virginia. I am not sure if we could have completed this purchase without the special skills, tenacity, and attention to details that Garlene provided. Garlene kept everything on track throughout the negotiations, and with cheerful optimism got us to closing. We have high praise for Garlene.”

DanN “Garlene Daniel was every bit the professional we were hoping for, we could have not been any happier with our service from Garlene.”Garlene went above and beyond her duties by keeping us informed of listings and was eager to provide immediate responses to our requests. We were stationed in Germany when we purchased our home, and if it wasn’t for Garlene’s constant and accurate information this would not have been possible. “

Sloane N “Garlene Daniel at Coldwell Banker was such a pleasure to work within our home search. She kept us up to date on the building of our house and was very patient and helpful. We had a speedy house closing and it was virtually pain-free!”

JerryM “Garlene’s level of service and commitment went well beyond the norm in the Real Estate industry. I cannot imagine successfully navigating such a challenging market with any Realtor other than Garlene.”

EddieE “We put you in a tough spot, but you always kept calm and reassured us in the midst of our various crisis – most of all, we know and sincerely appreciate
that you prayed for us over many issues; the sale of the house frankly was often overshadowed by other responsibilities, but you always kept us on track and managed to display absolute professionalism in every way – even when I was clearly agitated and not very patient. In short, you showed us what true professional diligence looks like. You were a true blessing to us and we thank you.”

JHealey “You are the consummate professional and always looking out for us. Suzanne and I have decided to bottle you and retire on the millions we will make selling the perfect Realtor.”

References available upon request